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Shepherd TimeClock is a biometric web-based time and attendance application that allows employees to clock-in and out through fingerprint authentication. Shepherd TimeClock replaces traditional paper-punching methods that can be easily faked or tricked (a practice known as "buddy punching"), and provides an easy way to automate employee workstation logs.

By providing accurate time and attendance records, you can help employees arrive and leave on time, increasing their efficiency and reducing the time you spend monitoring late arrivals or early departures. Shepherd TimeClock's reports can be printed, archived, and e-mailed.
Employees clock-in and out with their fingerprints at a centralized time clock location or at their personal workstation. Administrators can monitor employee activity at a glance and see each user's last activity, current status (in or out), and the current time from their workstation. Shepherd TimeClock uses Microsoft® Security Integration (Active Directory) to gather information about employees.

Reports can be generated in Web, Word, Excel, or PDF formats. You can group reports by location, identify specific computers, and select custom or summary reports for a specific data range. Employees details such as department codes, employee IDs, and other information can be included.

Employees can view and print their own time cards, but they do not have editing capabilities. (Only administrators have editing capabilities.) Employees can also select different weeks of attendance to view.
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For a live web demo of Shepherd Time Clock please call us at 1-888-769-0918 or E-mail us and a Ceelox representative will provide you with a personalized tour.
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