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Do you have an account here? What is your account number? Can you please provide me with two forms of identification so we can cash your check? These questions can be time consuming and costly, causing frustration and long lines for your customers. BANK ID will reduce lines in your bank and enhance the overall banking experience.

BANK ID applies fingerprint identification to authenticate a customerís true identity. These fingerprints are visually associated with any picture; a government issued identification card such as a driverís license or picture id.

BANK ID can be easily incorporated into, and integrated with, your current teller management software. Using BANK ID is fast, easy, and secure.

The protection of a consumerís identity is of the utmost importance, and with the unparalleled security that BANK ID provides, your customers will have nothing less.
The banking customer is asked to enroll in the BANK ID program to help secure their identity and provide new convenience and faster service. After enrolling in the BANK ID program with a BANK member representative, a banking customer approaches the teller line, places their fingerprint down at the teller station. A screen pops up at the teller station with the customerís picture, driverís license and second form of identification. The teller is now able to greet the customer by name and verify their identity to authorize the transactions about to be processed. After the customer has been identified visually, the teller selects the account number for their banking customer and is instantly linked to their current bank processing software. BANK ID sits on top of the bankís existing technology and does not impact current transaction processing software in anyway. No additional training is required for your tellers.

Your customers and employees will now feel the comfort of fingerprint identification when performing the typical bank transactions.

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For sales or a live demo of Bank ID, please contact us at 1-888-769-0918 or email us at [email protected]. A Ceelox representative will assist you.
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