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K[ID] is a software application designed to enable child care providers to document child
arrivals and departures utilizing Ceelox ID fingerprint authentication. K[ID] is the first fingerprint-authentication program specifically designed for childcare providers. K[ID] prevents unauthorized persons from removing children from childcare facilities by requiring all parents/guardians to authenticate their identity via their fingerprints before picking up children. This gives parents the assurance that their children are secure that no one but an authorized parent/guardian can take them from the childcare environment.
Both the parent/guardian and the child authenticate the arrival and the departure of the child using a fingerprint scanner located at the point (s) of arrival and departure. For children too small to use a fingerprint scanner the application uses photographs of both the child and the parent/guardian to authenticate arrivals and departures. K[ID] maintains records, required by some regulatory authorities, of all authentications including times and names of parent/guardians and children. These also records provide accurate accounting of late pick-ups, early drop-offs, absences and other information the child care provider may want to maintain such as employee-to-child ratio reports. The information can be compiled into time and attendance reports for parents and employees. Employee attendance data can also be recorded.
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For sales or a live demo of K[ID], please contact us at 1-888-769-0918 or email us at [email protected]. A Ceelox representative will assist you.
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