Ceelox External Hard Drive

About Ceelox External Hard Drive

The Ceelox External Hard Drive: It is compact, lightweight, and is the most user friendly portable hard drive on the market today. This software/hardware hybrid allows its user to synchronize all data onto one compact device, allowing easy transportation of all files from one machine to another. What’s more, the installed Devu software allows the hard drive to store your files in real time, eliminating any dragging and dropping or possible user errors. Not only does Devu do all the storing work for you it will additionally encrypt all your data content above government level requirements, keeping data secure. Never before have personalized settings and data been this accessible, making the Ceelox External Hard Drive the most efficient and dependable portable hard drive available.

Ease of Use: The Ceelox External Hard Drive comes standard with Devu and is pre-configured for quick and easy use. This enables a user to synchronize items such as their Internet bookmarks, cookies, application settings, e-mail and more. A Devu user can be up and running in less than a minute. For additional flexibility the external hard drive can be custom configured enabling the user to meet all of their other synchronization needs. Simply plug in and begin.

Go Mobile: Access personal files and data anyplace, anytime, and anywhere utilizing Devu's guest mode capabilities. A Devu user can visit any computer, plug in the external hard drive, and instantly access their wallpaper, application settings, desktop, and all files as if the user never left home. When the user departs, no trace is left behind and the guest computer returns to its original state.

Computer Recovery: It can take years for a user to build a computer to suit them, personalizing it with their favorite wallpapers, system settings and desktop configurations. Purchasing a new computer means starting this process of personalization over, beginning again from scratch. With Devu this problem is tackled with ease, allowing complete synchronization from one computer to another, transferring all your personal settings and saved files onto a new desktop, while still preserving the file structure and system settings.

Ceelox External Hard Drive 250UF Specifications: Available in 40, 60, 80 or 100GB Storage Capacity, 4,200 RPM, USB 2.0 (1.1) Compatible, Firewire IEEE1394, Lightweight Only 4.5 Ounces, Preinstalled with Devu Software, Durable Aluminum Casing. Leather carrying case and USB/Firewire Cables Included. 1 Year Warranty.

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Pricing: From $259.95 comes preinstalled with Devu software.