We provide enterprise scalable, server-based software and devices that deliver real authentication (vs. assertion). We uniquely blend biometric fingerprint verification and encryption, enabling two factor authentication. Ceelox solutions significantly improves the control of access to electronic information, with auditable logs. Our technology
also assures compliance with the most current legislation mandating increased security of information. We deliver all this plus provide users unique, rapid restoration and encryption, assuring safety, as well as privacy and security.

Our solutions deliver Improved information, privacy, security and protection
Risk, threat and liability mitigation
Regulatory compliance
Cost reduction/avoidance
Data encryption, and real time back-up and recovery
Increased Productivity

Everything you need ensure
your childcare center and children are secure in one
easy to use program.

Biometric authentication
Check in check out status
Visual notifications
Up to date reporting
Easily manageable

Everything you need to ensure
your privacy and safety. Introducing security in a one
easy to use program.

Biometric login to Windows
Biometric login to applications
Biometric login to web sites
Easy configurable
Server ready


Upcoming Events
Event title: KID Day

Place: Ceelox offices, click here for our address
Date and time: July 13, 2020 11:30am-1:30pm.
RSVP Required: Contact us at 1-888-769-0918

Please join us for lunch and learn how, for pennies a day, you can comply with new government legislation and protect the children in your care with K[id] the only biometric authentication software designed specifically for child care.


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