Devu ID

About Devu ID

Biometric Authentication :Devu ID is the ultimate in security and protection for any situation. From the personal home computer to major companies and organizations implementing biometrics helps anyone combat the ongoing struggle and worry of fraud, identity theft and user validation. Furthermore, by eliminating the nuisance of passwords and logins, productivity will increase along with your peace of mind. With so much being bought and transferred via internet today biometric authentication is the safest and most effective way to make any transaction as safe as possible. Additionally, Devu ID works with any Windows operating system or application.

Biometric Login Works With The Following and More: Devu ID is compatible with any Windows Operating System Login, Windows applications such as Word or Office, and many internet browsers such as Internet Explorer and more, making it the most flexible biometric ID application on the market today.

Enhanced User Productivity :Devu ID has a simple and fast enrollment capability with multiple functions giving the user a multitude of options. Multiple Fingerprint Associations give users the ability to login with different fingerprints, assigning different fingers different functions and IDs. Fingerprint Hotkeys enable each finger to be preprogrammed to launch a program or file within an associated program. In addition, with Fingerprint Management any fingerprint attribute, including the ability to modify usernames and passwords associated with a fingerprint, can be changed with ease.


Devu ID Includes: Biometric Scanner and Devu ID software.

Compatible Operating Systems: Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

System Requirements: Pentium II or higher, 5MB storage.

Pricing: $79.95 per license includes The Ceelox biometric scanner.