Devu Pro Server Edition Software

Meet Regulatory Compliance Demands

The Importance of Compliance: Compliance means not only following the rules, but also being able to prove it. These rules originate from various sources including government regulations, corporate governance requirements, and internal company policies, among others. As the list of compliance requirements continues to grow, organizations are demanding solutions that enable compliance with current requirements while being flexible enough to adapt to new and evolving compliance mandates.

Meet Regulatory Compliance: Devu Server Edition enables organizations to address their most pressing compliance challenges while also improving business results by effectively managing information at every point in its life-cycle, from creation to final termination.

Financial Impacts: Financial reduction in the cost of information protection, management, and retrieval by eliminating haphazard compliance and archiving operations, consolidating redundant equipment and optimizing staff deployment are all benefits of Devú Server Edition. Better management of regulated content means less expense in responding to data requests that are a part of a legal discovery or regulatory agency request. These requests often catch many enterprises off guard hindering productivity and consuming large amounts of time. The return on investment cannot only be seen financially, but in overall efficiency and organizational peace of mind.

Operational Impacts: Content will be accessed and retrieved faster and easier. By automating policies that are defined for information creation, access, integrity, protection, retention, and termination, organizations will be able to achieve compliance while minimizing resource requirements. By building compliance into the ILM strategy, organizations will acquire built-in flexibility to adapt to any new requirements that may arise.

Business Impacts: By knowing exactly what information is available and where, business content requests will be significantly minimized. Unauthorized access or deletion will be prevented, resulting in less risk of violating retention and privacy requirements.

Product Benefits and Features

  • Decrease your password risk by replacing surnames & passwords with the ultimate end user authentication device – your fingerprint
  • Decrease Help Desk cost by eliminating the question, “What’s my password?
  • Ensure compliance with enterprise-wide role-based security software
  • Maintain a real-time backup of each user’s key areas on their PC’s to a corporate server.
  • Encrypt key folders and files with ease
  • Manage all of these elements through a server console

Compatible Operating Systems:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server 2000
  • Windows Server 2003

System Requirements:

  • Pentium II or Higher
  • 5MB Storage

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